Our Process


Start of Assignment

Client meeting to discuss the rational for the hire, key criteria for potential candidates, likely target list of organisations and the mandate’s specific challenges.

Agree the role and candidate profile and prepare a comprehensive briefing document for candidates.

Work with the client to compile key selling points about both the role and the client.

Provide the client with a timetable for the entire assignment.

Research Phase

Using our extensive network and following the same rigorous process as leading executive search firms, we will compile the candidate long-list.

We will use a combination of both primary and secondary research to screen and qualify potential candidates. Detailed due diligence will be carried out to determine the best qualified candidates.

This process will usually take three to four weeks.


Client meeting to present our long-list, discuss market feedback and agree the targeted shortlist.
Approach and interview shortlisted candidates.

Produce a shortlist of suitably qualified candidates (usually three to five), providing a full report which will include critical appraisals, two weeks after the long list meeting.

Client and candidate meetings will then take place and we will provide detailed feedback to each party to ensure a clear flow of communication. As the Search progresses to a close, we will remain very actively involved, both to facilitate negotiations with the favoured individual and to maintain the interest levels of other strong contenders.


Agree a closing strategy with the preferred candidate.

Candidate’s compensation expectations will be discussed and managed with the client.

Management of the resignation process, staying very close to both the candidate and client throughout.
Take formal references on the preferred candidate.

Continue to work with the client until the assignment is brought to a successful conclusion, and then follow up with both the client and successful candidate for at least the first year to provide support in the induction phase and to verify the success of the appointment.